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It’s Time to Update Your Alarm Communicators

It’s time to lower the monthly cost of, to eliminate uncertainty about, to update your alarm communicators. BACK TO THE BLOG POTS Lines Are Going Away On August 2, 2022 the FCC issued Order 19-72A1, releasing phone companies from any legal obligation to provide POTS service. Now, fire & life safety providers are seeing immediate repercussions. With all the buzz around the 2022 3G sunsets, it’s no… Read more »

An Interview with Art Black and AES Corporation

Earlier this year, Art Black, founder of Carmel Fire Protection Associates and principal member of NFPA 72, sat down with Leonard Hanna, also a principal member of NFPA 72 (Supervising Station Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems) and AES Corporation’s Regional Sales Manager (Western US/Canada), as well as me, Amanda Beausoleil, AES’s Marketing Communications Manager, to discuss NFPA 72 and how it applies to AES’s technology.

Interactive Services & AES Are NOT Mutually Exclusive

AES representatives have been hearing more and more from dealers in the field who have reasoned that they cannot use our technology for residential security because it does not incorporate interactive. If you have fallen into this line of thinking, we urge you to consider that AES and interactive services ARE NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, some of our most successful customers are using their AES… Read more »

3 Benefits of a Private Wireless Mesh Network

As a security service provider, you understand the importance of a reliable network – but have you ever considered the value of establishing your own private wireless mesh network? AES fire and security communicators give you the ability to develop a private network that isn’t reliant on cellular or IP.  In this post you will learn about the top 3 benefits of establishing a private wireless… Read more »

Top 3 Benefits of Blanket Ordering

Defining a Blanket Order A blanket order is an agreement that arranges for regularly scheduled products or services to be delivered in a certain quantity, at a certain time, throughout a set period (usually one year). As a valued AES customer, you are entitled to participate in our burglary and fire subscriber blanket order programs at any time. Why You Should Be On a Blanket Order… Read more »